From glitter to whip cream and drag, here are the 8 things you should know about Ke$ha's performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival: 

1. She kissed a fan and spit whipped cream into the crowd. 

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2. The theme of Ke$ha's entire set in one word? WARRIOR, just like her new album! 

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3. During her performance of "Dirty Love" her dancers appeared in drag and blonde wigs.

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4. Ke$ha played the electric guitar and the drums during her set.


5. Ke$ha surprised the crowd with a special performance of "Bad Reputation" with Joan Jett. LEGENDARY! 

6. In typical Ke$ha fashion, she took swigs from a Jack Daniels bottle. Why? Because she's "hot and dangerous," that's why! 

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7. The set included explosions, glitter and FIREWORKS!


8. She ended her set in proper Las Vegas fashion, a perfect kickline with her dancers!


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All in all Ke$ha's set brought the energy to the MGM Grand Garden Arena!