We're Back Up To 100% Power!

Two weeks ago, we started having some issues with our power at the transmitter site. On Tuesday of last week, we kept losing power and eventually had to broadcast from our spare transmitter in the center of Davenport at VERY lower power. While this allowed us to stay on the air in the metro Quad Cities, listeners lost our signal very rapidly as they traveled to the outlying areas.

Unfortunately, the repairs that had to be made were high up on the tower. A special tower crew was brought in to fix the problem, but they cannot safely climb the tower in windy conditions. We had hoped to have the problem fixed on Saturday, but weather (mainly wind) got in the way of those plans.

Now, we are happy to report that the repairs have been made and we are back up to 100% power. So, for those of you in Sterling-Rock Falls and Dixon, Illinois...Galesburg, Illinois...Burlington, Iowa...Maquoketa, Iowa...Iowa City, Iowa, and all cities and towns in between...THANK YOU FOR STICKING WITH US and getting your classic rock from Q106.5!


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