Stupid Criminals File

Man tries to remove bees' nest with fireworks: While fireworks can be great to watch from afar, they're not exactly a tool for around the house. Michigan man Mike Tingley found that out the hard way when he used fireworks to try and remove a bees' nest from the outside of his home. According to local fire chief Bob Burdette, Tingley "was doing something with a smoke bomb" when his garage caught on fire. No one was injured, but Tingley's garage was destroyed. No word on what happened to the bees' nest.

Pregnant woman gets arrested for chucking cupcakes: If nothing else, Latonya Daugherty is resourceful. The 24-year-old pregnant woman got into an argument with her 30-year-old brother Edddie Yaddow in their Vero Beach, Florida home. At one point, Daugherty started pelting her brother with frosted cupcakes. Then, Yaddow retaliated by removing frosting off his arms and “wiping it in her hair" before allegedly kicking his pregnant sister in the stomach. It's unclear what spurred the argument, but either way the siblings were both arrested.

Vodka shoplifter stuffed bottle into his pants: Not all criminals are masterminds. Take, for example, the man in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania who walked into a liquor store, stuffed a $60 bottle of Ciroc Apple Vodka into his jeans, and walked out. Authorities are still on the hunt for unidentified man.


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