Who Blocked Jon Bon Jovi From Buying Buffalo Bills? Donald Trump!

                                                                                                                                                                          President Donald Trump reportedly put an end to rock star Jon Bon Jovi's attempt to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014. 

Michael Caputo, who worked in public relations on Trump's presidential campaign, told the Associated Press that Trump, who was also bidding to buy the team, played up fears that Bon Jovi's ownership would move the Bills out of Buffalo if he purchased them.  

Trump was reportedly a key member in creating a fan group called 12th Man Thunder which exploited rumors that Bon Jovi was going to move the team to Canada. "Mr. Trump was convinced that the community wouldn't stand for a move," Caputo said. "So he sent me off to try to organize something with local fans to get that rolling."

12th Man Thunder went as far as calling for a boycott of Bon Jovi's music and handed out signs that read "Bon Jovi Free Zone." 

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