America's Biggest Turn Ons and Offs (In The Bedroom)

  • A new poll reveals America’s biggest turn ons and offs
  • Kisses on the neck is America’s top sexual turn on, while smelling good was the biggest non-sexual turn on
  • Poor hygiene is the biggest turn off, followed by being mean/rude to wait staff

For some people it’s dirty talk, for others it’s little kisses. But one thing’s for sure, when it comes to what turns people on...different people have different opinions. Well, a new survey now reveals some of America’s biggest turn ons, and it seems the neck is a very sexy area.

The poll, conducted by website EdenFantasys, asked Americans what their biggest turn on is, and kisses on the neck topped the list, followed by someone’s partner saying “I like that.” But not all turn ons are actually sexual. According to  69% of respondents, the biggest non-sexual turn on is smelling good, followed by simply being affectionate (64%) and feeling appreciated (61%).

America’s Top Ten Turn Ons

  1. Neck kisses
  2. My partner telling me "I like that"
  3. My partner undressing me
  4. My partner giving me oral sex
  5. Undressing my partner
  6. Nibbling my ear
  7. Lingerie
  8. Eye contact during sex
  9. Giving oral sex to my partner
  10. Being teased

Of course there are plenty of things that can turn off a partner, and poor hygiene is the biggest no-no according to the survey. Others include being mean or rude to wait staff, and eating with your mouth open.

America’s Top Ten Turn Offs

  1. Poor hygiene
  2. Being mean/Being rude to wait staff
  3. Eating with mouth open
  4. Being flirty with other people
  5. Talking about exes
  6. Being cocky
  7. Talking too much/not listening
  8. Dressing poorly
  9. Baby talk
  10. Insecurity 

Source: SWNS Digital

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