Man Displays “Check Your Nuts” Christmas Lights After Cancer Scare

  • Christian Roach chose an unorthodox way to decorate his house for the holiday.
  • His lights spell out “Check Your Nuts!”
  • Last year he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, and he hope his display encourages men to get themselves checked out.

It was this time last year that he got diagnosed with testicular cancer. And here’s the thing. His first doc didn’t catch was because he went to a specialist that it was caught early.

Fast forward and three weeks later, he was recovering from the removal of one of his low-hangers, and he had an all-clear. So, in less than a month, Roach went from overwhelming relief that his cancer scare was over.

So now he’s paying it forward. 

Now, his entire neighborhood gets to celebrate Christian’s new lease on life with a festive Christmas display featuring “Check Your Nuts!” written out in strand of 750 lights.

Even better? There’s been very little backlash from his UK neighborhood. Christian says that if one guy gets checked out then his campaign is a success. He’s also getting great joy from friends of his making appointments for themselves and asking questions about his experience!

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