Joke Of The Day - 8/30/17

Joke Of The Day

On a cold, stormy night, a redhead, a brunette, and a blonde escaped from prison.

As they ran through the nearby woods they were soon stopped by the not-so distant sound of the prison's guard dogs and officers hot on their trail.

"What do we do?!" the brunette asked.

"... I know," the redhead began. "We each need to climb a tree and hide!"

The blonde asked "What do we do if the guards stop at the foot of one of our trees?"

"Pretend you're an animal to throw them off your tail." the redhead answered.

And with that, they each began climbing their own separate tree.

... They waited patiently and quietly.

The team of officers and hounds approached closer. Coming to a tree, the dogs began to bark and yelp. The redhead said "TWEET! TWEET! TWEET-TWEET! TWEET!"

"Heck, nothing up there but a tweety bird. Come on, let's look somewhere else." one of the guards said.

At another tree, all the dogs began to bark and growl again. The brunette said "HOOT! HOOT! HOOT-HOOT! HOOT!" Hoping to trick them.

"Nothing up there but an owl. Let's move on, dogs." a guard commanded.

Suddenly, the dogs began to bark and scratch at another tree. The blonde said "MOOOOOO!"


Mark Manuel

Mark Manuel

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