Time To End "Celebrations" In Football?

This year, the NFL relaxed the rules when it comes to end zone celebrations after touchdowns. As a Packer fan, I LOVE the Lambeau Leap. Ickey Woods had "The Ickey Shuffle." Victor Cruz had HIS little dance when he scored for the Giants. But...c'mon! Now, they're getting out of hand. And they're not even saved for the touchdown. First and 10...CELEBRATION DANCE! Stop a team on 3rd down...CELEBRATION DANCE! Run 99 yards and stopped just a yard short of the end zone...CELEBRATION DANCE!!

Maybe I'm just getting old, but...remember when players used to just spike the ball or had it to the ref? Watching today's NFL, you'd think these players never got a first down before!

Now...as far as creativity goes, you gotta hand it to the Detroit Lions last night against my Packers. Eric Ebron squared up in the end zone and battled a la “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots,” while Ameer Abdullah and Golden Tate pretended to control those plastic handles... Okay...maybe it's not as clever as I am old...

Mark Manuel

Mark Manuel

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