Stupid Criminals File: 1/5/18

Stupid Criminal Files

Man uses stolen cash to buy an engagement ring: Dustin F. Pedersen's romantic side has landed him in jail. The 36-year-old is being charged with robbing a bank in Middletown, New Jersey. How'd they know it was Pedersen? He allegedly wore the same hat during a second robbery. He isn't a complete jerk, though. Pedersen bought his girlfriend an engagement ring worth just under $4,500 less than an hour after the robbery. He denied robbing one of the bank's, but there are jail phone calls of Pedersen and his fiancé discussing the crimes. Hey, at least she said yes. Source: Journal-News 

Backpackers snort mystery substance they thought was cocaine: What's dumber, snorting cocaine or snorting a powder you think is cocaine? A group of nine backpackers from multiple countries were rushed to hospital in the west Australian city of Perth after snorting a drug they mistakenly though was cocaine. In reality, they had ingested Hyoscine, a prescription drug which left them suffering seizures, paralysis and hallucinations. Source: BBC

Woman gets away with mauling her husband's junk: Abigail Geiger is a lucky lady. Back in September, she got into a fight with her husband in the shower. At one point, she grabbed his junk in an effort to prevent him from leaving. Geiger's husband David was left with “puncture marks and scratch marks to his genitals.” Abigail was hit with an assault charge but its been withdrawn. The stranger part? No reason was given for the change of heart. Source: The Smoking Gun

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