Stupid Criminals File - 1/16/18

Stupid Criminal Files

Arizona Police Arrest 80-Year-Old Bank Robber: “YOLO” says one elderly Arizona man as he robs a bank. Well, not quite...but the 80-year-old is certainly doing the most for his age by robbing a bank at gun point. Robert Francis Krebs has been arrested after surveillance photos were released of him holding up the bank with a hand gun. Krebs was found in a nearby hotel after police were tipped off by a hotel clerk. He is booked into jail on two counts of armed robbery.

Police Seek Owner of Urn Donated To Goodwill: When choosing to cremate a deceased loved one, many decide to release the remains in different ways. Some choose to keep the ashes, some choose to let the wind take them away. How about a donation to Goodwill? Washington Police are on the hunt for the owner of an urn that was donated to Goodwill containing cremated remains. Vancouver Police even went as far to tweet out about their search. Police reportedly think the donation was accidental.

A Mad Pooper Is On The Loose in New York: When you have to go, you have to go, but try not to do it on people’s lawns. An Orchard Park, New York woman claims to have found human feces and tissue outside her home. An advertisement was put out warning the “person/jogger who is pooping on [her] lawn to STOP!” Police received the complaint from the woman who believes a jogger is the culprit and this isn’t their only offense. Multiple homeowners have supposedly noticed the feces, as well. The village is deeming the culprit the “Mad Pooper.”

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