Stupid Criminals File - 1/18/18

Stupid Criminal Files

Inmate Tries The Ole “Hide The Knife” Game: An inmate was charged with possession of a deadly weapon, after she smuggled a knife in her cell between her butt cheeks! Jail officers found her with a knife in her cell that she used to threaten to kill herself with. Officers were able to defuse the situation. When asked how she even got the knife in the first place, she said she'd squeezed it between her cheeks during her strip search and then moved it to hide in her issued towel.

UK Police Sell Old Uniforms…Criminals Rejoice!: UK Police in Sussex are getting slammed by campaigners who believe the police are helping criminals impersonate officers. The unit is millions of dollars short on funds and have been selling their uniforms on eBay for extra cash. Turns out criminals are buying the uniforms, impersonating the policeand scamming the elderly out of money.

Car Burglary 101: Don’t Look At Camera: When breaking into a car, rule of thumb is to never look directly into security cameras. Unfortunately, this dummy didn’t get the memo as he stared into a surveillance camera before breaking into a parked car. The camera caught his mug and authorities are on the lookout for the man. Shouldn’t be too hard to find him...

Mark Manuel

Mark Manuel

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