Bottom-Shelf Booze You Should Try

Sometimes you just need a drink, but you don’t want to break the bank to get something that hits the spot. There are some good deals out there, even on the lower shelves of your local liquor store. H. Joseph Ehrmann of Elixir in San Francisco recommends you give some of these a look and see if they don’t do the trick for you in a pinch.

  • Old Grand-Dad Bonded ($16-$20) – Better, and cheaper, than the more-popular White Label of its competitor in the bourbon world.
  • Fighting Cock ($20) – Not only is it fun to say, but this spicy, hot bourbon has more punch than the price would infer.
  • Old Crow ($20) – Goes well with the Coke you’re mixing it with.
  • Mellow Corn ($15) – No, it’s not a jam band. It’s a 90% corn mash corn whisky that’s cheap, sweet, and tasty.
  • Ezra Brooks Straight Rye Whisky ($20) – Can easily hold its own with the likes of Bulleit or Templeton.
  • Clan MacGregor ($15) – Good if your feeling the need for a nice, cheap, blended scotch…and if you hate it, you’re only out 15 bucks.
  • Teacher’s Highland Cream ($20) – Easy going down and highly touted. Spoiler alert: there’s not really any cream here.
  • Greenall’s Gin ($20) – From the same distiller that brings you Bombay Sapphire. Worth a dance in your gin and tonic.
  • Monopolowa Vodka ($16) – Does the job and it’s made from potatoes, so you’re getting your veggies in.
  • Zapopan Reposado Tequila ($16) - You still might get a headache if you drink too much, but it’s 100% agave and worth a shot for the price.
  • Lunazul Tequila ($20) – Made by a former owner of Jose Cuervo brand. Has a citrus flavor because it’s made in cognac stills.
  • Don Q Rum ($11) – From Puerto Rico, it’s simple and basic…and it does the job.

Source: Maxim

And...since we're talking about booze. This is a funny video...people trying alcohol for the first time...

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