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Woman Found Dancing On Applebee’s Bar, Left Kids Home Alone: Police in Texas have arrested a woman for leaving her two children home alone while she partied at a nearby Applebee’s. Officers responded to a call at the restaurant that Priscilla Marisol Flores had been intoxicated and was dancing on top of the bar. According to police, she was incoherent with bloodshot eyes and had been belligerent towards officers and even cursed at them. After taking Flores back to her home at a nearby apartment complex, cops discovered two 12-year-old children sound asleep in separate rooms with no adult supervision. She’s been charged with two counts of child abandonment with intent to return and was cited for public intoxication.

Walmart Pharmacy Manager Stole 20K Pills: A Walmart pharmacy manager has been arrested after taking nearly 20,000 pills while employed at the Chickasha, Oklahoma location. According to a police report, the thefts totaled over $21,000. Surveillance cams show Barry Neil Smith placing the pills into a bottle and then the bottle into his pocket. Smith admits to then pouring the pills into a plastic bag then placing the bag in his pocket. He says that he’d keep track of his thefts on a spreadsheet used to keep track of customer prescriptions. Smith would reportedly mark his entries by highlighting and initialing them to conceal the discrepancies in the their product count. The sheet shows Smith had falsified the spreadsheet over 10 months time totaling 205 times. The substances included Oxycodone, Hydromorphone and Fentanyl and also admitted to stealing Carisoprodol and Phentermine. He admits to suffering from addiction which began after a back injury and suffered anxiety working as a pharmacist. Smith now faces charges of obtaining a controlled dangerous substance by fraud and has been transported to the Grady County Jail.

Postal Carrier Who Failed To Deliver Mail Was “Overwhelmed”: A mailman from New York has been arrested after failing to deliver 17,000 pieces of mail. Aleksey Germash, a 16-year-emloyee of the U.S. Postal Service, had stowed thousands of letters and parcels in his car, apartment and work locker. He’d been caught after his Nissan Pathfinder was reported to his bosses containing 20 bags of undelivered mail. Germash of Brooklyn says he was “overwhelmed by the amount of mail he had to deliver, but made sure to deliver the important mail.” Investigators have found 10,000 pieces of mail in his car, 1,000 in his work locker, and another 6,000 at his apartment. Germash faces one to five years in prison depending on the severity of his offense. However, some say Germash may not face such a harsh penalty after a Philly postal worker was punished up to six months in jail back in 2015 for retaining 22,000 pieces of mail.

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