Hangover Cure Developed By UCLA Professor

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Okay, we've all tried the cold shower, the double-shot of espresso, and even the "hair of the dog that bit ya"...but THIS UCLA professor claims he's developed a compound that really DOES cure hangovers.

This, to me, is a case of science truly working towards the betterment of man. Yunfeng Lu teaches chemical and biomolecular engineering at UCLA, and he claims to have invented a cure for the hangover. He even says that his “compound” was found to “decrease the blood-alcohol-level in inebriated mice by 45% in four hours.” The mice also apparently showed a low level of the thing that causes you to get a headache and puke after a night of booze-battling. Of course, Lu still encourages everyone to drink safely and responsibly. Of course. But what he won’t say? When we can have some of his wonderfulness. 


Mark Manuel

Mark Manuel

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