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Couple Arrested After Brawling Over Booze: A couple in Florida has been arrested after fighting in the middle of a Dollar General parking lot. Police say the two had been drinking before going to buy more alcohol in the store. They ended up fighting each other in the parking lot, but neither of them owned up to it. The woman says her boyfriend of six months battered her, but the man said the exact opposite. The boyfriend had fresh bruises on his hip, back and forehead. He alleged the woman also tried stuffing dirt in his mouth. He also had stitches on his nose from a previous unreported fight with his girlfriend. She had older bruises on her body, but when cops arrived at the scene, they noticed her skirt was slightly torn. Some witnesses report that she was hitting the man, while others reports the man was hitting her. Either way they were both arrested for battery.

Pot Smokers Walked Out on $420 Bill: Police in Memphis are on the look out for a group of more than a dozen pot smokers who walked out of a restaurant before paying their $420 bill. The manager at Frida’s Mexican Restaurante says the group came in last minute before closing, but they thought nothing of them. The group then began raking up the bill ordering expensive dishes and margaritas. Then one waiter smelled something funny- a member of the group began smoking weed. Manager Jesse Gonzalez says they asked the guy, who appeared to be the leader of the group, to stop but he began to make a scene. The entire crowd then allegedly began berating the staff. Eventually one by one each of the customers left. Gonzalez says one even pushed a waiter down a stairwell on the way out. Two women in the group stayed behind to finish their drinks and eventually left leaving the $420 bill unpaid. The manager believes the whole thing was staged and though he’s happy none of his staff was hurt, he does hope police find the group. I'd look in the Funyons and chip aisle at the nearest grocery store...

Cops Arrest A Man and His Monkey: A man being arrested in Florida after stealing a car, wasn’t going anywhere without his pet monkey. Cody Blake Hession had stolen a car from a driveway in St. Petersburg, Florida and then drove it about 35-miles to Holiday where he crashed into a ditch. He fled the scene on foot, but police eventually caught up with him. When they went to arrest Cody, they found a leashed Capuchin monkey attached to his pink polo. Cody told police that he’s had the monkey, Monk, since he lived in South Carolina years ago. However, Cody did not have an exotic animal permit. Cody was charged with auto theft and could face a charge for possessing an unlicensed monkey. Wonder if Deiter on Sprockets had a license for HIS monkey...

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