Bloomington Strip Club Closed Because Of Diarrhea! Really?!?

A strip club in Bloomington, Illinois, has been closed until further notice after several dancers contracted diarrhea...while performing on-stage! The cause of the incident has been initially linked to a contaminated buffet at the club. Apparently, both the staff AND customers took part in the buffet. Three dancers were performing when, suddenly, they were dealing with a horrible bout of diarrhea...right there on stage!

REALLY!?! This story has been circulating for YEARS! Usually, it's the "tainted buffet" at a "Jacksonville, Florida, Strip Club"...or something to do with the breaded fried shrimp. For whatever reason, THIS time around, the "Fake News" from Facebook was pointing to a strip club in Bloomington, Illinois. A couple of things stand out with this story...did you notice that they never NAMED the strip club? This is one of those details you'd want to know, right? Yeah...guess you REALLY have to question EVERYTHING you read online...and don't assume that because it's on the Internet and Facebook that it's the truth...

It WAS a pretty funny story, though, don't you think?

Mark Manuel

Mark Manuel

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