Food Aphrodisiacs? Hey...It's Science!

Courtesy of the Internet, we have an endless array of products, services, and/or theories that promise to make you bigger, badder, girthier, more desirable, and more aroused at our disposal. Sadly, most of these things also have some sort of disclaimer that nobody’s actually proved the claims, and the people selling you this stuff could likely be talking out of their orifice of choice.

That’s where science steps in to save the daySex doctor, and all-around good guy, Dr. Justin Lehmiller’s looked into recent research from Sexual Medicine Reviews and has some aphrodisiacs that might give the results and might be able to boost your bouncy-bouncy desire and performance…and others just believed to be.

  • Oysters – They DO contain zinc and “certain amino acids” that affect hormone production. Technically, there’s no conclusive evidence that they can boost your performance…but they don’t hurt it…so, what the hell. If you think they’re working, then rock it out.
  • Honey – Once upon a time, honey was thought to be such a powerful aphrodisiac, that newlyweds would drink it every day until the “new moon.” Hence, the “honeymoon” was born. Unfortunately, there’s no data to support it. However, it does have a mineral that helps regulate estrogen and testosterone…and that helps with the libido.
  • Ginseng – Now, we’ve found boner gold. This is ABSOLUTELY an aphrodisiac. Just a few weeks of taking this stuff, and men found themselves lasting longer and performing better in the sack.
  • Chocolate – Not an aphrodisiac at all, it turns out…but it’s delicious, the ladies love it, and can have some fun uses when it’s all melty.
  • Maca – A big time “yes” here. In fact, just three grams of the root daily can boost sex drive, sperm count, and fertility.
Mark Manuel

Mark Manuel

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