Dry January! As In...No Booze In January

Boy...talk about a buzz kill! Some of the largest beer companies in America are promoting “Dry January,” the annual challenge refraining from alcohol for an entire month in an attempt to detox from overindulging during the holiday months. Keep in mind, last year about 1 in 5 took part in this...and 83% of them said they were doing it again THIS January, too!

So...why would beer companies want to promote this? Well...they DO make a lot of non-alcoholic beers, and this is a great way to promote them. Heineken even has a thing they're calling "January Dry Packs," similar to an advent calendar, but it features 31 cans of non-alcoholic beer. You're supposed to drink one a day, then cross it off your calendar...just like an advent calendar. Heineken isn't the ONLY beer company taking part, either.



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