Moline Moves To Ban Single-Serving Containers Of Booze?!

Looks like you won't be able to buy single cans of beer within the city of Moline, soon. The city council approved the amendment to the alcohol ordinance last night, now it's gotta move on to next week's city council meeting for approval. Moline Police Chief Darren Gault told the Quad City Times that the change in the ordinance was needed to control the city's public drunkenness problems. If the ordinance is adopted, you'll no longer be able to buy beer and malt liquor if the can/bottle is less than 48 ounces. You'd still be able to buy three 16-ounce cans or four 12-ounce cans...just not a single serving of any size less than 48 ounces. Hmmm...I always thought 48 ounces WAS a single-serving of beer......

You can read more from the Quad City Times here

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