Congratulations To The STATE CHAMPION North Scott Lancers!

Let's face it, this has been a pretty bad year...full of cancellation and disappointments. And while the Iowa high schools were luckier than the Illinois high schools, who had to delay their football season till Spring, it was still a shortened season. And if you were North Scott, you even had a COVID-19 outbreak to deal with. That makes this first-ever state championship even sweeter!

The North Scott Lancers won their first-ever state championship in convincing fashion, beating a heavily-favored Harlan team, 30 to 6, in the 3A state championship game at the UNI-Dome Thursday night. The only downside: Only 300 fans could attend, due to stiffer COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Those who DID get to go sure saw a great game!

This is the first state championship for North Scott and the first for a Quad Cities metro-area team since Bettendorf did it in 2007.