Another Round Of Stupid Criminals

Man Jailed After ‘Snoring Loudly’ At McDonald’s: A 28-year-old man was arrested after “snoring loudly” and apparently sleeping behind the wheel in a McDonald’s drive-thru lane. Florida police were called at around 3:47am on December 20 and found the suspicious vehicle. A deputy found a man in a Ford pickup parked in the outside drive-thru lane “snoring loudly.” McDonald’s does not have a sleep-thru lane. Meanwhile, the man woke and the deputy asked for his license. “I don’t have one,” he is quoted as saying. His truck smelled of booze and his speech was slurred. He participated in field sobriety exercises and was arrested on charges of DUI and knowingly driving with a suspended license.

Man Steals Package From Porch And Gets Stuck In Snow: A Canadian man is facing charges after he was caught allegedly stealing a package from a home on Monday and then got stuck in the snow as he was trying to flee the scene. Video of the incident appeared on and appears to show the 33-year-old suspect attempting to make off with the package before the home’s front door swings open and the person filming can be heard saying, “That’s done. You’re done.” The suspect then hops in his car and attempts to flee the scene, before backing up into a snowbank and getting stuck. Police eventually arrived and arrested the man. He has been charged with one count of fraud under $5,000 and one count of theft under $5,000.

Man Arrested For Breaking Into The Wrong Apartment And Passing Out On Couch: In Altoona, Pennsylvania, 35-year-old Matthew Hazlett is facing criminal trespass charges after he allegedly walked into a stranger's apartment and passed out on a couch. Police said the suspect didn't know how or why he was there. According to the report, Hazlett was snoring and not responding to officers' original attempts at waking him. When officers finally got him to wake up, police said he was unable to state where he was currently located or where he came from prior to entering the apartment. The victim did not know Hazlett in any manner. During a search, police found 15 stamp baggies containing a powdery substance and another baggie with a white residue in Hazlett's pockets.