Froot Loops Pizza? Yeah! It's A Thing In Iowa

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to pizza toppings –especially pineapple. I won't eat pizza with pineapple on it, but that's just me. The latest controversial pizza topping is also fruity...sort of: It's Froot Loops cereal! The Fong's pizza joint in Des Moines has gone viral for their “Loopy Fruits Pizza” – and sparked a huge debate online. The dessert-style pie features a sweet cream cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese and the fruity cereal… and while it’s gained a lot of attention,not everyone is into the idea. One Twitter user calls it a “hard pass,” even though they love both Froot Loops and pizza. Another user calls the pizza straight-up “sacrilege” and “an affront to every Italian.”Check out the tweets about Loopy Fruits Pizza below.

I've eaten at Fong's a couple of times (it's just down from Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines)...I love their pizza. Especial the Crab Rangoon Pizza...but THIS one? Hmmm...I may have to road trip and report back...