‘Emotional Support Beer’ Is Now A Thing...For Real!

Last year, Floyd Hayes went viral when he tried to register a pint of beer as an emotional support animal. Now, New York’s Woodstock Brewing has decided to take the idea and run with it, partnering with Hayes and creating the limited-edition IPA, “Emotional Support Animal.”

The new brew is providing emotional support, with a portion of the proceeds going to Operation At Ease, a charity that pairs shelter dogs with deserving veterans and first responders.

Want some unregistered emotional support in a can? You’ll have to move quickly; the beer is already sold out at some locations. The good news? Woodstock Brewing says it will be an annual release, benefiting a different charity each year, and if demand is there they may make additional batches this year.

Hmmm...since most places of business will allow you to have a service animal as an emotional support, do you suppose they'd be okay with we having a couple of "emotional support beers" with my lunch here in the office?