Blue Grass Drive-In Theater Open For The Season - 6 Weeks Early!

Miss going to the movies but you still don't feel comfortable in a movie theater? Good news...the Blue Grass Drive-In is open for 2021, about 6 weeks earlier than normal!

Co-owner Randy Lorenz is excited for what this year has to offer compared to last year. “What I’m hearing so far from people, I think it’s going to be a good year, I think we’re going to have a lot of people coming out to the drive-in and hopefully we get some more people that haven’t been out here before, it’s a great experience to come out here,” Lorenz said, “It’s such a relief that we’re able to open when we normally open this year, last year we didn’t open until the second weekend in May so it’s a huge difference. The excitement level that’s out there is way above what we’ve had in years past.”

And, since so many films have been sitting on shelves waiting to be released from last year, there could literally be a blockbuster movie opening every weekend this Summer!

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