Free Beer For Exercising? Sign Me Up!

Michelob Ultra has just announced a free beer giveaway for people who exercise. It’s the “Ultra Beer Run” and people who are 21 or older are able to “exchange their miles, push-ups, downward dogs or any exercise activity” for a $5 prepaid digital card good for a purchase of Michelob Ultra.

To get this deal, download and register on the MyCooler app and upload a “proof of a workout.” The proof can be in the form of a post-workout photo of a fitness watch, a post-workout selfie or a post-workout photo of the fitness app on your phone.

Ricardo Marques, Michelob Ultra’s vice president of marketing said “as the world begins to safely reopen, Michelob Ultra’s Beer Run looks forward to people being active together and rewarding them for doing so with a refreshing beer after a run or workout.” The campaign runs all summer long, but if you live in Alabama, California or Texas you’re out of luck – the giveaway is not available to residents in those three states.

Gotta admit...I'm more into the craft beers. BUT...I guess that would completely undo any benefits that I got from exercising, so I guess the Michelob Ultra's not a bad option...