I can't tell you the last time an artist has reduced me to a weeping mess of delightful joy and discontentment.  One song is never enough when it comes to Puddles Pity Party, I always want more of his heart on his sleeve.  With Puddles making it to the live shows on America's Got Talent, I feel like he's already won on a spiritual level as his shows continue to sell tickets, but I would love nothing more than to see this sad clown win it all, and holding back isn't going to do it.  Go big or go home is what they say.  They also say, don't show all your cards or something like that (I don't play cards) but now is not the time to be afraid Puddles.  Now is the time to bring out the big guns.  You have many many weapons in your arsenal of magical possibilities, I've seen what you got, show America my friend.  We love you more than a fat kid loves chocolate cake.  -Morgen